How Do Finger Print Access Control Systems Work and What Are The Benefits?

Finger print access control systems provide homeowners and business owners alike with the ultimate keyless entry system that can’t be foiled by making duplicate keys. Since each individual has unique fingerprints no one other than an authorized person can gain access. This eliminates the hassle of lost or forgotten keys.

Print access control systems work by using sensors that read the print and match it against a digital representation of the print in a database. There are two phases to the fingerprint recognition process. The first phase is one of establishing an association of a particular person to a particular print. This phase is only done when a person is first entered into the system. Once that is established, that particular user is identified by the system by their print. Based on the permissions assigned to that particular print, access is granted or denied. This can be set up to allow access only to certain areas or zones, or the user can be granted “all access” to all zones. Since there is virtually no way to re-create someone’s fingerprint, this method of access control has a minute margin of error and provides heightened security levels.

Although fingerprint recognition systems have been around for a while, they until now have been limited to government buildings or other areas requiring higher levels of security. As the technology has progressed and costs have come down, now many mainstream businesses and homeowners are able to afford this technology which improves security for the home or business. In the case of businesses, the system can act in a duel capacity as a time clock as well as a security system. This eliminates employees clocking in and out for each other as the system obviously requires the person to be present.

Print lock systems are ideal in situations where there are many people that need access and keeping track of keys or an access badge has become administratively difficult. Instead of assigning a badge or key, the person needing access is simply fingerprinted and then their prints are added to the system as being authorized. There’s no need to remember access codes or carry a badge or key. Simply placing their hand in the reader allows the person to enter. Not only suitable in a corporate setting, a fingerprint reader can be ideal for apartment buildings, health clubs, parking structures or front gate access.

With standard card reader access systems, there’s additional cost associated with replacing lost or stolen cards. The finger print lock systems eliminate this cost when each person has their own form of identification. In many cases, if an employee leaves the company, they may or may not return the card. Over time, this results in a good portion of the cards having to be replaced. In the case of keys, all of the locks will have to be replaced to prevent unauthorized access. With fingerprint recognition, the user is simply removed from the database thereby denying access.

Electronic door locks with access controlled by finger prints is one of the most secure methods of insuring that unauthorized access doesn’t take place. There are other types of biometric access controls available, however, the finger print method is still the most cost-effective method available. Other methods such as face or eye recognition require devices that are not as easily portable as a fingerprint reader which makes these other methods of access security are generally a little more expensive.

As technology moves forward, it’s likely that finger print access control systems will gain wider acceptance and will show up in many areas where keys or access cards are now used. There are some car manufacturers that are now using a fingerprint reader for access to the vehicle. Admittedly this is in higher end vehicles but should slowly make its way into vehicles now being purchased by the average consumer. With auto theft being a major concern for those who own popular cars, adding this extra security feature should make it that much more difficult for the car to be stolen. Not only used for gaining access to the vehicle, these systems can also prevent a car from starting unless a matching print is read.

As theft and fraudulent activities are done with more sophistication, security systems are forced to keep pace. It’s no longer effective to simply lock the door. Simply put, the old style of securing a business and home is a thing of the past. Electronic door locks and heavy-duty hardware combined with a fingerprint reader are more effective in preventing a thief from gaining entry.

Finger print access control systems are the way of the future as many people are looking for better ways to keep their home and business secure. Fingerprint recognition provides an almost foolproof way to provide higher levels of security as well as peace of mind.

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