Access Control – What Is Access Control?

Access control, is a term taken from the linguistic world of security. It means, in general – the execution of constrictions and limitations on whoever tries to invade a certain protected property. These restrictions, or it you’d like – the access control elements, manifest physically in locks, keys, electronic and digital means. Ofcouse, a person guarding an entrance, is also practicing access control.

What are the common most types of access control?

I would take a very obvious guess and suggest that the reader of this article has several types of access control around him or her – let us take a quick survey around them. Starting off with the computer in front you. Large percentage of computer users have an antivirus running on their computer, a firewall, a pop-up blocker and other programs all with access control functions. All of these guard us from intruders of sorts. They inspect everything that sits on the computer or trying to enter it and smartly enough let it in or leave it out. Since computers have sophisticated access control capabilities – they can ask for authentication, look for digital signatures, encryption methods and so much.

Now, if you would leave your comfortable computer chair for a moment and go out the room – you would probably pass through a door. This door much like the windows close to it – is the most popular access control method in any basic home security. Taking it from the basic to the more complicated – take a look at the door’s handle. You have to twist or pull the handle in order to open the door, don’t you? This is access control at it’s very core. Without this handle and it’s inner mechanism, it would be swinging, and won’t stop anyone – not even a domestic kitten. Below the handle, we may find a lock of sorts (most probably a cylinder lock) and a keyhole. This lock will, hopefully stop anyone trying to get through the door – but hasn’t got the key. In the 21st Century we see more and more keypads, or if you’d like keyless entry systems. These will replace one day our ordinary set of keys.

In today’s world, these locks and keys are beginning to look differently. As technology progresses, the locks of today got smarter – they can recognize patterns of your physical features, your voice, fingerprint locks read your fingerprints. Access control has a fascinating ever progressing evolution, it’s a rapidly growing market – and in the near future may manifest it self in ways we cannot even imagine.